An Adventure along the Caledonian Canal

Well its been a good few weeks now since I last managed to get a post up on my blog, so I hope this one is worth the wait!

Earlier this year mom saw a programme on TV where the presenters had visited part of the Caledonian Canal.  It must have really caught her attention because within a week we were ready to book up to go and explore this wonderful part of Scotland ourselves!  A quick Google, led us promptly to the Caley Cruisers website and we chose to hire one of their larger boats for a week – a Strathspey. Although we’ve sailed a little in the past we’d never done anything like motor cruising before so we couldn’t quite imagine what it would be like.  I’m happy to report that we had a fantastic week; it felt like a real adventure!

The week saw us travel from the Caley Cruisers boat yard which is just on the edge of Inverness down to Benavie near Fort William (and back again). You pass through Loch Ness, Fort Augustus, Loch Oich, Laggan Locks, Loch Lochy and Gairlochy.

It really was a great week for photography – between the 4 of us we must have taken over 1500 photos!  It hasn’t been easy to choose which photos to put on the blog but I think these give a feel for the week.

Day 1 – Our tentative first steps onto Loch Ness followed by a few of Caley Cruiser boats

Day 2 – Lunch break at Fort Augustus

Day 3 – Stuck at Laggan Locks over night because Loch Lochy was too choppy

Day 5 – Brief patch of sunshine at Cullochy Lock

I have so many more photos from this week that I want to share – I might have to do a second blog post!

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  1. Hi Beth & James
    hope you are both well,just looked at the photos of your trip you did with your mom and looks fantastic and can’t wait to do it,I love your composition and look forward to seeing more,we are having dinner tonight at your mothers and looking forward to meeting Phil. I hope James is busy with his Webb site work,the black and white picks of him are great. Love your work Beth.

    All the best.
    John. xx

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