Even More Delightful Flowers

I’ve had a gorgeous little cyclamen plant for a couple of years now that I have somehow managed to keep alive!  I’ve never used it in any of my photographs until today because I was never sure quite how to do justice to its curves and slightly odd shaping.

This afternoon, determined to have a break from writing an essay for my Masters course, I went in search of something to photograph.  I noticed the sun was pouring in through the window in the spare bedroom so thought I would try to utilise that.  I started by sticking a sheet of tracing paper onto the window with the hope that I could get some nice effects with the direct back lighting.  First attempt was with a leaf that I plucked from one of our house plants.  It worked well, showing up the veins nicely but the resulting photos weren’t anything special.  It was then that my brain ticked over to the aforementioned cyclamen.

Although these photos are very simple, I really like them.  I think they certainly begin to show off the beautiful shapes and delicateness of the flowers.


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