We went to the animal fair…the birds and the bees were there

Okay, not quite an animal fair, but “we went to the animal zoo” doesn’t really rhyme very well..

But, yes, last weekend James and I went with his parents to Edinburgh Zoo.  I’ve been looking forward to a trip since the pandas Tian Tian and Yang Guang arrived about a year ago.  We were booked in for the 4:30 tour around their enclosures so they were almost the last animals we saw on our visit.  We had plenty of time to see nearly all of the other animals – two favourites of mine were the sun bears and the leopard.

Having a nice big yawn!

Yes I did check it was a Jaguar not a Leopard.

We also loved watching the Rhinos have a great play fight in their water pit before chasing each other around the mud like puppies!

And then it was time for the pandas – Yang Guang (the boy) was having a lovely nap, while Tian Tian (the girl) was up and about.


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