Pick Your Own

Thinking about going to pick strawberries brings back some great memories from my childhood. We were lucky to have a Pick Your Own Farm literally down the road from where we lived, and we always went on what seemed like the hottest day of the year. This year we had to travel a little further but …



Conscious that just two weeks ago I promised to blog once a fortnight, I started pondering what might be the subject of my next post.  I have a few ideas for an outdoor photo mission into the New Town, but I’ve decided to save that for a day when the light is better.  Instead, I …



Its Christmaaaaasssssss!!! Alas, the day is drawing to an end and there is a break in the good TV so what better a time to upload a quick Christmas blog post.  Here is a the documentation of my day. Here’s Ellie waiting for the fun to begin And here are the oh-so-tempting pressies Quickly followed …



Why is it that we feel that we ‘deserve’ treats and junk food just because we’re at the cinema? I don’t know, but I like it! Especially when the treats come in the form of chocolate brownie! Oh and the film (Inception) was very good too.


Anyone who knows me, knows that I like my food. I’ve just had one of my favs for dinner – gnocchi. I remember first eating gnocchi at Hotel Silvestri – the hotel we’ve stayed at on a few occasions during ski trips to Livigno. There they were huge blobs of yummy-ness which were usually served …


A week full of things that I like

I’m kicking off my blog with a bumper load full of things that I liked. This week I was off work on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday because our favourite Manx friends came to stay with their gorgeous 14 week old little boy. It was brill to see all three of them, but Fergus’s toothless grin …