Anyone who knows me, knows that I like my food. I’ve just had one of my favs for dinner – gnocchi. I remember first eating gnocchi at Hotel Silvestri – the hotel we’ve stayed at on a few occasions during ski trips to Livigno. There they were huge blobs of yummy-ness which were usually served as a starters. I’m pretty sure my brother and I ate so much of it that we couldn’t manage our main courses.

Anyway, tonight’s dinner was a rather tasty portion of (normal-sized) gnocchi with meatballs and mozzarella in a tomato sauce. I should have taken a photo of it!

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  1. Never realised that your life revolved so much around Gnocchi and yes I do remember the size of the portions you used to put away but don’t I also remember the Lasagna being a favorite too in the Silvestri restaurant. Rather disappointed that you never offered a picture of the Gnocchi lets see how creative you can be with that as a subject. PS I liked the Sunset and clearly you should have won all the prizes in the family photo competition.

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