I’m well overdue getting my camera out to take a few snaps of our new, four-legged family member. She’s a mini goldendoodle and is just over 4 months old now. She’s such a cutie at times and loves a bit of fuss, but I can’t wait for the nipping to stop now!!

Foxy Friends

Studio One in Edinburgh’s West End is somewhere I could literally spend hours, looking at all of the fantastic things they have for sale.  I went in a couple of weekends ago and couldn’t resist buying these little guys who look great on my window sill.

My new home studio

It was my birthday a fortnight ago and one of my presents from James was a little home photography studio.  It comes with lights and coloured backdrops etc, and is perfect for the close-up photography that I enjoy.  For my first trial, I grabbed a couple of flowers from the vase on our TV stand.  I am …


New Fabric all Wrapped Up

I recently ordered some new fabric to make a little bag.  This is all part of my resolution to do more crafty things and to use my sewing machine which has been abandoned in recent months.  This little package arrived during the week and I simply can’t bring myself to undo the knot and open out the …


VW Campervans

I absolutely adore the style and character of VW Campervans.  Unfortunately for now I will have to make do with a 5cm toy version of the 1962 Volkswagen Microbus!  This has, however, just come in very handy for practicing with my new Macro lens.  I’ve cheated slightly and applied Aperture’s inbuilt present “Toy Camera” filter.  …


My Cutie Hamster

Well it about time I did another post about our little cutie, Coda the Hamster.  Last weekend, much to her dismay, I forced her up and out of bed at lunchtime (she’s not normally up until 9pm) to pose for a few photos.  Now getting a hamster to pose is much harder than you might …


Christmas Decorations

We’ve had our Christmas Tree up for a couple of weeks now and it is still looking fantastic.  This year we have mostly red, white and silver decorations.  Some were newly purchased from various stalls at the Country Living Christmas Fair in Glasgow.  They look great all hanging their together, but are equally attractive pieces …


A Good Haircut

When I was younger I used to enjoy a good trip to the hairdressers – it was exciting and you only ever wanted a simple bob. Over the years my standards must have risen and, after a couple of not-so-great cuts, the hairdressers become a little more worrisome. (Most of the bad ones were in …


Buying pretty little things

Today a friend and I went to a fab vintage craft fair in Edinburgh which was organised by ‘Made in the Shade‘. I was pretty impressed with the range and quality of things on sale. There was loads that I wanted to buy and even more that I wanted to go home and try and …



Jeero is absolutely one of the most treasured things I own. He’s an Ugly Doll. Mom bought him for me from the design museum in London and posted him up to me when I was in 1st year at uni. He’s been with me ever since. He’s just fab. He’s my comfort blanket. Here he …