My Cutie Hamster

Well it about time I did another post about our little cutie, Coda the Hamster.  Last weekend, much to her dismay, I forced her up and out of bed at lunchtime (she’s not normally up until 9pm) to pose for a few photos.  Now getting a hamster to pose is much harder than you might image.  First, they won’t look at the camera.  Then they start trying to escape.  Then when you try to bribe them with food they try to eat your finger…

The photo shoot didn’t last very long in the end and the results were not exactly what i would call amazing, but with a little cropping etc I am pretty happy with these two:

Please note: No hamsters were harmed in the taking of these photos! She was safely returned to her cage before the mugs were used!!


    • Dear Richard Hammond (aka hamster@purplespider.. (I wonder who you might be)),
      I appreciate that you don’t drink hamsters, yet in this instance, I felt it an appropriately sized prop/container!
      Kind Regards

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