My new home studio

It was my birthday a fortnight ago and one of my presents from James was a little home photography studio.  It comes with lights and coloured backdrops etc, and is perfect for the close-up photography that I enjoy.  For my first trial, I grabbed a couple of flowers from the vase on our TV stand.  I am pretty impressed with this bouquet of flowers – they are two weeks old and still doing rather well.  Now, I have to admit my flower knowledge is very limited, but I think these are chrysanthemums.  (Please correct me if I am wrong).

I started off photographing them against a white backdrop.  But quickly decided to try the black to ensure the petals had some nice contrast against the background. Here’s three of the best shots.

Small Chrysanthemum

Chrysanthemum Side View

White Chrysanthemum

In the future I really must remember to make sure that I have removed any bits of fluff off the flowers prior to photographing them.  I might try removing them in Photoshop later.


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