Old Memories, Revisited

I must have been around 14 years old when a family holiday took us up to Berwick upon Tweed.  We had taken our touring caravan up and stayed on the southern side of the River Tweed on a small campsite looking straight out towards the lighthouse.  I seem to remember it being a fairly rainy holiday so we probably spend some time staring outwards towards the lighthouse and I have never forgotten that view.  I’ve not been back to Berwick since although I have always loved that particular part of the train journey on the East Coast Mainline.  Today, however, with exams and uni work finished for the time being, James and I decided that Berwick would make a nice destination for a day trip.  That good old, red and white lighthouse must of course be the focus for this blog post.

Berwick upon Tweed Lighthouse

Berwick upon Tweed Lighthouse from Spittal

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