Nairobi Sights

I was very fortunate to be invited to participate in a series of transport workshops in Nairobi, Kenya. What a fantastic opportunity! This was my first visit to Kenya and I certainly enjoyed my time in this bustling, energetic and welcoming city. The hotel gardens were my first introduction to local fauna and flora.

I was very excited on the second morning when a gang of monkeys turned up for brunch in the trees at the hotel.

On Day 3 of the workshops, we ventured into the city where our first stop of the day was the Go Down Arts Centre – a fantastic space for developing and promoting local arts. These are some of the studios full of imagination.

On the final day, we finished our workshops at lunchtime which gave us a free afternoon to be tourists. First stop: the giraffe sanctuary. Here they have a breeding programme and are returning young giraffe to the wild. It was fun to feed these awkward looking creatures.

Second stop: Nairobi National Park – a real treat. I didn’t get the best photographs of most of the animals but we were amazed to spot a lion and lioness, rhino, giraffe, zebra, crocodile, and so much more in just two hours.

I should probably have included some pictures of the chaotic road conditions to give a real picture of the city!

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