My Thursday evening pilates class

A couple of months ago I signed myself and my mostly willing friend up for our first ever pilates class. I’ve just got back from my 6th class and I’ve got to say I simply love it. First of all when you arrive, you simply get to lie down and chill (guilt-free) until the class begins. Or if you want you can roll around on a spiky ball which sounds odd i realise but i can assure you that it is a great massage! Then the class kicks off and slowly, over the hour, you can feel all of those aches and pains easing away. I arrive with a stiff neck after another day sitting at my desk, and I leave feeling all flexible. On top of all that, as I explained to a work colleague this afternoon, it’s fab because you hardly need to take anything with you – no trainers, no specialist clothes and no equipment. What more could I ask for! I’d recommend it to anyone.

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