Nature mends us

I recently came across Emma Mitchell on Twitter and her beautiful book ‘The Wild Remedy’. I’ve not read it all yet, but felt immediately inspired to do get outdoors and take time to observe nature more closely. I love Emma’s style of photographing what she’s found and wanted to give it a go. My opportunity soon came when my mum suggested a trip to the beach to do see if we could find any seaglass. We headed down to Fisherrow Harbour, Musselburgh where I knew the tide line was often covered in little treasures. It didn’t disappoint and we spent well over an hour beachcombing. It was definitely therapeutic.

I’ve attempted to document my finds in a similar style to Emma. These were just with my iPhone though. I need to get my DSLR out and the tripod to take some better images with more of the details captured. I’m not sure the best way to light something like this either so will have to seek some advice on that too.

Collection 1 – from Musselburgh
Collection 2 – colours and textures

More to follow!

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