Brantwood House and Garden

I had heard the name ‘Ruskin’ but knew little of the man until visiting Brantwood House and Gardens last weekend. It turns out he was a rather interesting and influential man. A little quote by him caught my attention – “Take a handful of rubble from the roadside, and pick out a small stone. When examined closely it will be found to be a mountain in miniature.” I hope I can reflect his sentiments in some of my photography.

The website for the Ruskin’s House, describes it as a ‘paradise for art and nature’ and it didn’t disappoint. I think we caught the gardens at almost the most perfect moment. Bluebells still filled the upper slopes, while blooms of all colours were to be seen in the lower, tended garden. Beautiful.

Bluebells as far as the eye can see Meadow Standing Tall Pinks and Purples

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