Parliament Hill, Ottawa

At the centre of Ottawa sits the Canadian Parliament buildings.  Parliament Hill includes an series of gothic-style buildings.  At the rear of the building, overlooking the Ottawa River is the library chamber. And this is the Peace Tower which was rebuilt in the early 20th Century after fire destroyed the previous Victoria Tower. I especially …


Ottawa’s Tulips

A recent work trip took me back to Canada for just over a week.  I landed into Toronto and had a few days there before moving on to Ottawa.  I was lucky enough to get a free weekend to explore Ottawa.  In May they have a tulip festival in the City.  The history of the …


Old Memories, Revisited

I must have been around 14 years old when a family holiday took us up to Berwick upon Tweed.  We had taken our touring caravan up and stayed on the southern side of the River Tweed on a small campsite looking straight out towards the lighthouse.  I seem to remember it being a fairly rainy …



It has been a busy few weeks and I haven’t really had much time to get out and about to do any photography.  I did, however, pick up a couple of bunches of tulips when we were at the supermarket yesterday and I couldn’t resist snapping a few photos of them this afternoon. I promise …


My new home studio

It was my birthday a fortnight ago and one of my presents from James was a little home photography studio.  It comes with lights and coloured backdrops etc, and is perfect for the close-up photography that I enjoy.  For my first trial, I grabbed a couple of flowers from the vase on our TV stand.  I am …


Edinburgh Castle

I’ve lived in Edinburgh for almost 5 years now and until today I had never been into the Castle. I’d been up to the Esplanade on a number of occasions (including a visit to watch the Tattoo last year) but never beyond.  Today, however, we donned our hats, gloves and warm coats before jumping on the bus …


A New Look for the Blog

I decided my blog needed a bit of a facelift.  I hope you like the new design! I think it should make it easier for you to flick around and select which posts you want to read.  Let me know if you have any thougths or comments (good or bad).


I realised a few weeks ago that it was the right time of year to see some snowdrops in all their glory.  However, it was only today that we found time to take a trip to Edinburgh’s Botanic Gardens and thankfully we hadn’t missed them.  These clusters were in a fairly covered woodland area in the gardens, so …


Bold Buildings

It feels so encouraging to know that Spring is on its way.  Today was a lovely, fresh day and the sun was shining so a bike ride was high on our priorities.  We didn’t go far – just down to Newhaven Harbour and then around the Western Harbour Development.  On our return the sun was …


Bright Lights

Okay I promise that this is my last blog post with photos from Vancouver, but I was really keen to share this one.  This photo shows the steam clock in the Gastown area of Downtown Vancouver.  Apparently it is the most photographed view in Vancouver so here’s my addition to the collection! The odd thing …



I spotted these birds crowding on this otherwise bare tree whilst walking around part of the seawall in Vancouver.  I liked the silhouette effect although I have tweaked the image a little to maximise the contrast. 

Sunshine over Vancouver

I’m not long back from a work trip out to Vancouver.  I was excited about heading over there as Vancouver has been on my “Want to Visit” list for some time.  Unfortunately, I don’t think we were there at quite the right time of year.  I hear summer is excellent but February is rather wet; …


New Fabric all Wrapped Up

I recently ordered some new fabric to make a little bag.  This is all part of my resolution to do more crafty things and to use my sewing machine which has been abandoned in recent months.  This little package arrived during the week and I simply can’t bring myself to undo the knot and open out the …



Conscious that just two weeks ago I promised to blog once a fortnight, I started pondering what might be the subject of my next post.  I have a few ideas for an outdoor photo mission into the New Town, but I’ve decided to save that for a day when the light is better.  Instead, I …


New Year’s Wander around Oxford

Today brought us a crisp, bright start to January.  We went out for a walk around Oxford – starting at the University Gardens and on to the overflowing river before heading into the city centre.  We all had our cameras at the ready, desperate to make the most of the long-awaited sunshine.  There’s so much to …


Here’s to 2012

I am writing this at 6PM on New Years Eve.  The men folk are cooking up a feast for our dinner!  I was hoping to have a fantastic set of photos to share with you as my last post of the year, but alas the weather has not really been on my side.  I’ve not …


Old Things

I like old things.  Even more than that, I like old things that are good to photograph!  I’d been on the look out for objects to use, so couldn’t resist buying this book which was for sale for £1.  The result – a very simple subject, but I really like the images.

Man’s Best Friend

Couldn’t resist getting a few snapshots of Ellie – Mom and Dad’s Parson Jack Russell – when I was at home last weekend.  She’s getting pretty old these days and loves a nap on the sofa.  She’ll wait until someone gets up from the sofa and promptly jump into their place while its still warm. …



On Friday I treated myself to a fun, new photography book during my lunchtime meanderings to Waterstones.  The book, called Photocrafty, includes 75 different projects to try with a DSLR which are a bit different to the usual projects you get in some photography magazines & books. The first one I decided to try was …


Cadre Noir

I just wanted to share one last highlight of my trip to France last week.  Cadre Noir is home to the French National Riding School and is based just outside of the city of Samaur.  They have one of the world’s most prestigious equestrian display teams.  Visitors can have a tour of their display arena, stables …


Features of France

Here is Part Deux of my selection of photos from my recent trip to the Loire.  My last post focused on the fields and countryside, so this time I am turning my attention to the built features. The Loire region is scattered with chateaux and abbeys and we chose a handful of the ones nearby to visit. …


Fields of France

I’ve just been away with my Mom for a few days in the Loire. We were staying on a campsite in the middle of nowhere and spent plenty of time cycling and driving through the countryside.  I might end up doing a couple of blog posts from the trip because I’ve got so many photos …


Even More Delightful Flowers

I’ve had a gorgeous little cyclamen plant for a couple of years now that I have somehow managed to keep alive!  I’ve never used it in any of my photographs until today because I was never sure quite how to do justice to its curves and slightly odd shaping. This afternoon, determined to have a …


Filters and Layers

I few weeks ago I blogged about how I was starting to learn about Layers and Filters in Photoshop.  I’ve been having another play around this afternoon and I like some of the results I am getting.  Here’s an example using one of my photos from last weekend. I’ve not quite sussed out how to …


Soap Bubbles

I was flicking through a few old copies of Digital SLR Photography magazine earlier looking for an article about applying filters in Photoshop.  I spotted one of their “Photo DIY” articles about making abstract photos using soap bubbles.  It looked pretty easy to set up and the result they had achieved were pretty cool so …


Mini Vases and Wild Flowers

Earlier this week I couldn’t resist buying some gorgeous little vases from the ‘Cox and Cox’ online sale.  They arrived yesterday at 07:50 – ruining my Saturday morning lie-in!  But they were worth it!  Whilst taking a walk along to Crammond yesterday, I plucked a few wild flowers/weeds to photograph in them.

A day with the animals

Today, we headed west to meet friends of ours, Catherine and (Dr) John, at Blair Drummond Safari Park.  I’ve been to a few zoos in my time but I can only remember going to one other safari park whilst on a Girl Guiding week-long camp. We had a great day out – the meerkats, sea …


A Visit to Wenlock Priory

Another visit to see mom and dad in Staffordshire means another opportunity to go exploring!  Today mom took me over to Much Wenlock – a lovely litte market town.  Tucked away down one of the side streets was the ruins of Wenlock Priory, now under English Heritage ownership.  The weather had been very mixed but luckily the …


A Wander through the Forest

This afternoon we headed south to Glentress and while James went off on his mountain bike, I took a leisurely stroll through the forest to see what I could see.  I had been hoping to get some images worthy of entering in Countryfile’s Photography Competition but I don’t think any of these really meet their …


Unashamedly Inspired by Neighbours!

Okay okay I admit it, I am a fan of Neighbours – always have been, always will be!  In my defence, it is pretty much the only Soap I watch.  Anyway some of the kids on Neighbours were given an assignment to photograph anything of a certain colour.  I thought that sounded good fun, so …


A Glimpse of Things to Come

We had a lovely visit to the Morningside Makers Market on Saturday which has given me some real inspiration to try to do more with my photographs. We bought a fantastic framed print from one of the ladies – Paper Snapdragon.  She was using her photography but had manipulated it in Photoshop with some interesting techniques – …


Bo’ness Motor Museum

Bo’ness Motor Museum – my dad’s second sightseeing request for the weekend.  I have to admit though, that once we pulled into the car park, it did take some persuasion to get us to go in.  From the outside you really couldn’t tell quite what you would encounter once you entered!  It turned out to be a …


Falkirk Wheel Revisited

My mom and dad came to visit this weekend accompanied by two sightseeing request – the Falkirk Wheel and Bo’ness Motor Museum.  James and I enjoyed our trip last year with his parents to the Falkirk Wheel so we were happy to organise a return visit.  The weather wasn’t great when we arrived but it …


A Bit of Tartan

We recently took a walk along Edinburgh’s Royal Mile.  Having been there previously on numerous occasions, I was on the look out for something slightly different to photograph.  Most people were taking shots of the streetscape or buildings.  I decided to focus the lens on some of the tartan goods for sale.

A Drive Along the Coast

This weekend we’ve had some Belgian guests staying with us and we decided to show them some of the Scottish coastline.  We headed north to St Andrews stopping, enroute, at Anstruther and Crail.  We had a good wander round the harbours at both calling points and there was more than enough for us to photograph.

Furrows and Ridges

Every time I visit mom and dad’s new place I get to see the countryside’s changing seasons.  I’ve already photographed autumn and winter down there, but last weekend gave me the chance to take some early springtime shots.  The ploughed fields down the lane immediately caught my eye. Donned with mom’s camera and the dog …


Views Across the City

This weekend I went to the Egyptian Mummy Exhibition at the National Museum of Scotland.  Well worth a visit – especially if you get the 2 for 1 entry tickets which are currently on the back of Lothian bus tickets!  Unfortunately photos were not allowed inside the exhibition so you’ll have to go and visit …


Loch Ore and Loch Leven

In search of an afternoon in the great outdoors, we decided to head north to Loch Ore Meadows Country Park.  It wasn’t until We arrived that I realised I had been there before – about 8 years ago now – for a very memorable sailing lesson. Today we were promptly welcomed by some very friendly …


A Wander along the Front

I’m sure I’ve said before on this blog how much I like living down on the front overlooking the Firth of Forth.  There is always something going on and people to watch on the beach.  Yesterday, James and I set out for a wander along the front with two aims in mind.  First and foremost …


Guest Post by my Mom: Abstract Mountains

My parents have recently been away skiing in Sauze d’Oulx, Italy.  On their return, my mom mentioned two photos that she’d taken which she thought I’d like to see.  I promptly asked if she would like to pop them in a Guest Blog Post and she agreed.  Here are her photos:

Lauriston Castle

Lauriston Castle sits behind a high stone wall.  We’ve often passed it in the car and wondered what exactly was hidden beyond the wall.  Today we decided to go and find out.  We arrived promptly in time for the 2pm tour around the house.  The last owner of the house, Mrs Reid, left it to …


A “rubbish” post

Ever wondered what happened to your recycling once it leaves your house?  Well today I got to find out – thanks to a Uni site visit.  I tried to get a few shots but only had my iPhone with me so the quality isn’t up to its usual standards. This recycling centre was in Grangemouth. …


Trying Out a New Craft

For Christmas my brother gave me the Cath Kidston “Stitch” book.  As a kid I had a go at cross stitch, but I’ve never really tried tapestry until now.  I do, however, always relish the opportunity to try out new craft so I’ve selected my first project from the book – a bright flowery cushion …


Spotting Details

I took these photos at the weekend, but I’ve only just got round to putting them into a quick blog post.  Sunshine momentarily brightened up our Study and lit up just a few of the leaves belonging to one of James’s plants that lives in there.  The illuminated leaves really highlighted their details.  I grabbed …