Medieval Old Town of Rhodes

280 minutes on the plane and we had arrived in Rhodes. A holiday to relax, unwind and explore. €2.20 on the bus from our hotel to maze that is the Medieval Old Town of Rhodes. Designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site with history and culture all around.

Sea Walk Trail at Hopetoun House

Hopetoun House is hidden away along the coast near South Queensferry. We accidentally drove through the grounds a couple of years ago but recently paid it a proper visit to take a walk around the grounds. There are two walks to choose from and we opted for the ‘Sea Walk Trail’, which offered great views …


Horsing around with the Kelpies

Anyone driving along the M9 over the last year will have seen some of Scotland’s newest artwork – two 30 metre tall horse heads, otherwise known as the Kelpies. We decided to pay them a visit a few weekends ago and quickly learnt that they aren’t exactly horses, but instead mythical transforming water beasts who often …


Action at the coast

Easter weekend had clearly drawn lots of people out the the beaches at Gullane and North Berwick. There were kids and dogs everywhere we looked. Most people were just out for a stroll, but a few were taking the activity levels up a notch.

A study of a log

My camera has been lacking outings recently. However, this weekend we took my parents out to Gullane and North Berwick so I was hopeful to get some good photographs. This huge log caught my eye straight away when we reached the rocky area at the easterly end of Gullane beach. It looks like it may …


“Piering Out”

I often see people strolling along the pier and stopping for a moment or two of contemplation.  I set out to try to recreate these moments in my photography today. Thanks to a willing model (aka James) and a low sun, I managed to get a set of shots that I was pretty happy with.

Lakeland Motor Museum

A soggy day in the Lake District had us searching for something to do indoors and the Lakeland Motor Museum seemed like a good choice. I wouldn’t class myself as a car enthusiast but I certainly enjoyed admiring the variety of cars and bikes on display. I only had my little Lumix compact camera with …


Christmas in the Mountains

I was very lucky to spend this Christmas in Villard Reculas (part of the Alpe d’Huez resort in the French Alps) along with my mom, dad and brother. Although there has been very little snow this season in the northern parts of the alps, we did manage to ski every day with the added bonus …


Our own mini photography club

I think it’s great to head out for a walk with other photographers to be inspired by what they decide to photograph and to learn some new techniques. I am, therefore, very lucky to have James and has dad, George, as regular walking/photography partners in crime! On our last walk, I enjoyed turning the camera …


November Walk

  We’re back in the Lake District for a few days visiting James’s parents. Today we headed out for a walk along the River Kent and then into Kendal. While I enjoyed the landscapes we were walking through, I don’t think my photographs of it really did it any justice. Instead here are a few …


Twit Twoo

I first spotted the signpost to the Scottish Owl Centre back in the summer and straight away it went on our ‘To Do Before We Go To Canada’ List. Today we certainly enjoyed ticking it off the list. Most of the owls were in large pens, so I was taking photos through the mesh. Having …


Edinburgh’s Arches

Edinburgh is full of architectural detail – most prominently, the well recognised sights of the Castle and the Scott Monument. Yesterday I went out to explore some of Edinburgh’s less well-known sights. – down Calton Street and Market Street. However, it was only as I reviewed my shots that I suddenly realised how prominent arches are around the City. …


Vintage Vehicles

Last weekend my dad attended the Tern Vintage Machinery Show at the Chetwynd Deer Park with his 1958 MGA. The rest of us popped along for a couple of hours to see the array of vintage vehicles on show. There was everything from steam engines and tractors to motorbikes and military vehicles. Here are a few …


Pick Your Own

Thinking about going to pick strawberries brings back some great memories from my childhood. We were lucky to have a Pick Your Own Farm literally down the road from where we lived, and we always went on what seemed like the hottest day of the year. This year we had to travel a little further but …


Animal Antics

I couldn’t resist one last post drawing from my set of photos from last weekend’s Royal Highland Show.  I’ve already shared some photos of the cows, but here were some of my other favourite animals.

Competing at the Show

My last blog post focused purely on the animals at the Royal Highland Show. However, it wasn’t all about the animals. I loved how much was going on at the Show – from sheep shearing, to men racing up 80ft poles, stunt riding and terrier racing… This blog post aims to capture some of the men and women, …


Cow Portraits

We had a fantastic day yesterday at the Royal Highland Show. I had hoped to get some good photography opportunities and I was not disappointed! It was great to get so close to the animals and to watch events such as sheep shearing and show jumping. Here are some of my favourite cattle – just don’t …


Hidden Urban Colours

A slight road diversion had happy unintended consequences last week when I spotted this row of garages hidden away out of sight. I headed back with my camera today to capture my find. I think the sun was probably too bright to get the best photos so I might need to head back when the lighting …


Wildlife Walk

Whilst on the Isle of Arran we were attempting to spot Scotland’s Big 5 – the Red Squirrel, Red Deer, Harbour Seal, Otter and Golden Eagle. On one particular walk we were trying to spot red squirrel. With so many trees around you would have thought that would have been relatively easy, but no – I think we …


Whiting Bay

This week we were lucky enough to be able to take a few days away from our desks to join my mom and dad for a trip over to Arran.  It’s a fantastic island with some lovely walks, plenty of wildlife, great food and beautiful landscapes.  We were staying in Whiting Bay which is on the …


Stirling Castle

Last weekend we had the opportunity to tick one more item off our ‘To Do Before we go to Canada’ list. This time it was a visit to Stirling Castle. As a top tourist destination, the Castle was naturally full of other photographers, which prompted me to try to take some time to get a few ‘unique’ images that …


Gosford Estate

On Friday the sun was shining, we had the day off and wanted somewhere to go for a stroll with our weekend visitors.  We chose to head east along the coast to the Gosford Estate near Aberlady.  It is a private estate but you can pay £1 for a day’s pass to take a walk …


Foxy Friends

Studio One in Edinburgh’s West End is somewhere I could literally spend hours, looking at all of the fantastic things they have for sale.  I went in a couple of weekends ago and couldn’t resist buying these little guys who look great on my window sill.

Learning to Draw!

This blog post is a little break away from the usual photography.  In January I started to attend an 8-week painting class run as part of the Edinburgh Adult Learning programme.  It has really motivated me to start drawing as well as to begin to learn how to use watercolours.  There are so many forms of …


Up close with wildlife

The Easter break gave us an opportunity to travel south to see my parents.  We were lucky to have a glorious sunny day so headed off to Attingham Park – a National Trust property near Shrewsbury.  We took a long walk around the grounds and through the Deer Park.  I realise these deer aren’t wild and …


Field of Light

Whilst in the centre of Edinburgh yesterday evening, we made a quick detour to St Andrews Square to see Bruce Munro’s art installation – the Field of Light.  It is a great spectacle.  I’d love to view it from up high.  I only had my Lumix camera and no tripod so I wasn’t expecting to …


Red Bull Hill Chasers

Yesterday, Edinburgh hosted the ‘Red Bull Hill Chasers‘ event.  I’d never heard of the Hill Chasers competition previously.  It’s basically a short uphill bike race where any competitors can come and race on any type of bike.  What’s more, the race was being held up the Mound.  I wasn’t too sure what to expect but …


Spring Flowers

Our apartment is looking lovely with a scattering of daffodils.  We didn’t have quite the right vase for them all to go in together so instead I split them up and shared them around the living room.

Chatsworth House

Last weekend we had a fantastic meet-up with some of my oldest and best friends down in the Peak District.  We chose to visit Chatsworth House and took few hours to walk around the gardens.  Not only did we have a lovely stroll in the sun, but we also got a bit of exercise in …


Stockbridge Market

What better a way to spend your Sunday morning than with a walk around a local food market. Trouble is, I just wanted to buy and eat everything in sight! We did succumb to a bread roll for lunch and nice fresh pie for our dinner, although I couldn’t quite bring myself to try Squidgeon …


Windswept Portabello Beach

Portabello has been a semi-mystical place for me over the past few years.  It’s only a 20-minute drive away from our flat and we regularly pass close-by without ever venturing down to the beach and promenade. With our move to Canada inching ever closer, we seem to have a renewed motivation to get out and …


Photo Fun

A while back I published a blog post about bokeh which was inspired by the Photocrafty book.  Last weekend we decided to have a play with another of the projects in the same book.  This one required us to make a box which could fit onto our off-camera flash.  The box has a window cut out …


Winchester Abbey

After a few days of rain, the forecast for today was sunny and dry so an outing was promptly planned.  We are currently staying for a few days in Oxford with James’s parents.  There are so many places to visit in this part of the country, but we settled on Winchester which is only an …


A Boxing Day Stroll

A white Christmas would have been lovely, but if it can’t be white then a Christmas with a little sunshine is a good alternative.  I’m back home at my parent’s house for Christmas again this year and its great to be able to get out of the house for a lovely stroll with the dog …


Time to Make my Christmas Cards

For at least the past 5 years I’ve made all of the Christmas Cards that I’ve sent to friends and family.  I wasn’t convinced I would have time to do the same this year because my Masters Dissertation has taken over my life somewhat.  Thankfully, the dissertation has now been submitted and life is resuming! …


Character and Symmetry

Well here is more little set of photos from my trip last month to the US.  Firstly a few from The Town of Little Wolf in Manawa where we rented a cottage for the weekend.  We went off on a walk into town which was only small but had a lot of (almost hidden) character. …


Autumn Brights

After New York, we headed north-west to visit our good friends, Catherine & John, in Chicago.  From there the four of us headed even further north into Wisconsin.  We rented a lovely cabin right on the lakeside for the weekend.  It was a lovely getaway and break from our city sightseeing. The autumn colours were …


New York Landscapes

There are so many views from New York that I would like to share, but here are my favourites.  The first is from the High Line pathway – a fantastic reuse of a disused rail line on the western edge of Manhattan.  Then on the right, we spotted this wall art when we ventured off …


Statue of Liberty

She must be one of the most famous icons of the USA, so it was great to hear that the Statue of Liberty had reopened to visitors whilst we were in NY.  She had been closed due to the Government shutdown, but thankfully the City paid to reopen her just in time before we left …


A collection of collections

I must firstly apologise that my blog has been abandoned somewhat over these last few months – I’ve just been busy busy busy!  So now the summer has rushed by and autumn has well and truly set in.  I was, however, lucky enough to recently spend two weeks on annual leave in the US; firstly in …


Down the Pier

I’m convinced that this year has seen a growth in the number of fishermen (and fisherwomen) hoping to catch their tea off Granton Harbour.  Its lovely to take a stroll and see the mix of people – kids, families and groups of friends – gathered along the pier.

Study of the Bumble Bee

So I had a strange urge to take a closer look at what a bee looks like up close.  They are one of these creatures that you see so often but don’t really know what they look like.  A microscope would have been useful but I don’t have one so instead my macro lens came …


Jupiter Artland

Jupiter Artland is a sculpture park situated a little way outside of Edinburgh.  We visited this weekend and had a great few hours wandering round in the sunshine. Here’s a selection of the sculptures: Landscape with Gun and Tree by Cornelia Parker Life Mounds by Charles Jencks Over Here by Shane Waltener The Light Pours Out …


Felted Flowers

I spotted this crafty idea on Pinterest and couldn’t wait to try it out.  These ‘flowers’ are made using wet felting and are supposed to look like ‘Billy Buttons’ or ‘Craspedia’.  This is actually the second bunch of felted flowers that I’ve made. The first bunch – in purple – were made as a present …


Festival Season Begins

It is summer in Edinburgh and that means just one thing – it is festival time! Today Princes Street and Princes Street Gardens hosted hundreds of performers as part of the Carnival to mark the start of the festival season.  Here are a few sights from the afternoon.