The land of the midnight sun – our honeymoon destination.

The Princess Sapphire cruise ship – our transport mode of choice.

Two weeks of relaxation, exploration and fabulous views.

We’ve never cruised before, so it was a bit of a risk deciding to spend our honeymoon on a cruise ship for two weeks, but I’m so glad we took the punt and headed to sea. We were drawn to Princess’ Land of the Midnight Sun cruise itinerary knowing it would head up the coast of Norway into the Arctic Circle, with 9 stops along the way.

Here’s the first of my blog posts from our trip. I hope it gives a quick flavour of our trip.

We loved seeing Norway from sea level and from up high. This is a view across Tromsø – our 6th port – taken from the top of the cable car (Fjellheisen). You can see our ship docked (centre right). We took time to walk across the bridge and to take a ride up the cable car to catch a view of the city and beyond.

We tendered to shore at two ports. This was at Gravdal, Lofoten Islands.

Here’s one of the tender boats having dropped off its final passengers.

The scenery was forever changing. We loved peering out of our balcony window every morning to see where we were. Here’s a view of the bridge from our balcony.

And this is photo is taken from the walkway above the ship’s bridge looking down the length of the ship.

It was usually pretty gusty standing here, looking out from the front of the ship, but it looks like it was quite calm on this particular day.

And finally,  I still can’t believe that the little tugs can shift a 116,000 tonne ship!

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