Fresh Air and Chilly Cheeks

This week we have been loving the Winter Olympics.  I don’t think I have watched so much TV in a long time, but for some reason it does not seem as bad to be watching sports.  After a while, however, we were definitely in need of some fresh air and to stretch our legs so a walk along to Newhaven seemed like a perfect Sunday afternoon activity.

It still surprises me that when you go for a walk with a camera in hand, you will always spot something new.  I’ve walked along to Newhaven many a time, but never before have a really looked at all those chimneys …

Chimneys and Aerials

… and that bright yellow door.

Yellow Door

Newhaven HarbourLooking North

It was a lovely and refreshing walk despite the little rain shower. Now its time to get back to the Olympics!

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