Here’s to 2012

I am writing this at 6PM on New Years Eve.  The men folk are cooking up a feast for our dinner!  I was hoping to have a fantastic set of photos to share with you as my last post of the year, but alas the weather has not really been on my side.  I’ve not taken many photos over the holidays actually which is unusual for me.

With very little thought or effort, I did snap a few of the flowers mom had in the living room.  As it happens, the photos are better than I expected.  I’ve tweaked this one in Aperture and the ISO is rather high, but I really it!

So now to 2013… My blogging has dropped a little over the past few months, so one of my many resolutions is to try to upload a new blog once a fortnight.  In addition, there are a whole list of  crafts that I want to try out this year, so you may well be seeing some photos of my attempts at making various bits and pieces over the coming months.


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