A day with the animals

Today, we headed west to meet friends of ours, Catherine and (Dr) John, at Blair Drummond Safari Park.  I’ve been to a few zoos in my time but I can only remember going to one other safari park whilst on a Girl Guiding week-long camp.

We had a great day out – the meerkats, sea lion show and lions were highlights for me.  I also really enjoyed our visit to the Bird of Prey centre and their falconry display.  At the centre, you could get really close to 8 of the birds which gave us a fantastic opportunity to get some close-up shots.

I’ve had to refer back to the Blair Drummond website to work out what they all are, but I think we have: a Harris Hawk, a European Kestrel, a (damp) Saker Falcon, a Lanner Falcon, and a White Tailed Sea Eagle.  I love their aesthetics – the soft curves of their head & body, their piercing eyes and those dangerous looking beaks!

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