Bo’ness Motor Museum

Bo’ness Motor Museum – my dad’s second sightseeing request for the weekend.  I have to admit though, that once we pulled into the car park, it did take some persuasion to get us to go in.  From the outside you really couldn’t tell quite what you would encounter once you entered!  It turned out to be a entertaining mix of film memorabilia and classic cars along with some random objects.  My dad’s day was made 100% better once he spotted a 1972 Honda CB400 Four just like the one he is about to buy!

The lighting in the museum made photography a little tricky, especially without a tripod. Despite this, I think I managed to get a fun selection of shots.

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  1. So where is a picture of the CB400F???? Great photos, particularly like the gear mechanism of the Falkirk Wheel.

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