Loch Ore and Loch Leven

In search of an afternoon in the great outdoors, we decided to head north to Loch Ore Meadows Country Park.  It wasn’t until We arrived that I realised I had been there before – about 8 years ago now – for a very memorable sailing lesson.

Today we were promptly welcomed by some very friendly Greylag geese who soon turned their back on us when they realised that we did not come bearing gifts of bread.


We had a chilly but pleasant walk around the loch – following the path through woods and across fields.

After a bite to eat at the cafe, we decide to continue our afternoon with a trip to the RSPB centre at Loch Leven.  After paying our £3 entry fee to get into the reserve we headed uphill to the viewpoint.  A hail storm tried to put a dampener on our walk but it was bright and sunny when we reached the top.

We decided to head back down the hill and go and check out the bird hides which you can just about see towards the bottom of this photo.

The views across the loch were fantastic despite the distinct lack of birds once we got to the hides.  This wasn’t helped by the fact that we had no binoculars although as I was leaving I spotted the poster that said you could hire binoculars just with a £5 deposit which I will remember try to remember for time.

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