Old Buses

This weekend was Doors Open Days in Edinburgh.  It’s a fantastic way to see places the public aren’t usually allowed to go in to.  We decided to visit the Lothian Buses Open Doors Event which was held at their depot in Annandale Street.  It was a fantastic opportunity to see the insides and outs of  everything from their lovingly kept old buses right through to their brand new Hybrid buses.  We even joined the queue of small children and their parents to take a trip through the bus wash!

Turned out to be a trickier environment to take good photos in than I expected.  Firstly, there were obviously lots of people around so timing shots when there was no one getting in the way required some patience.  Secondly, the shiny buses and their windows were very reflective so caused some distracting effects which I only really realised once I was looking at them on the screen.

Having said that, I think I managed to get some pretty good close-up shots of of different bits of the buses as well as some fuller shots of the vehicles in full.

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