München & Nürnberg

Last week we had a wicked weekend away in Germany for a friend’s wedding.  Unfortunately there aren’t any wedding photos in this blog post – my DSLR didn’t quite match the outfit I had chosen to wear!  I am, however, just popping a few on here which I took whilst in Munich and Nuremburg.

On the Friday, we had a good walk around Munich in the sunshine.  Here are some of my favourite spots …  check out the colours on this ornate church door..

… and I love the expression on this lion’s face

We decided to pay the €1.50 to go up the tower of St Peter’s Church which is just of Marienplatz.  It was a bit of a climb but well worth it for the views.

We also had a little time to spare in Nuremburg.   This is the Hospice of the Holy Spirit on the River Pegnitz right in the centre of Nuremburg.

I also love this feisty animal on the old Town Hall – I’m sure someone call tell me what mythical creature it is?!



  1. Hello Beth

    The answer to the mythical creature in question can be found in the Bible’s book of Daniel, Chapter 7, verse 7 and 8, where it is known as the dreadful and terrible beast with 10 horns. Actually, the other three beasts of Daniel 7 are also depicted at this City Hall. It was believed by the early protestants, and still by many today, that the little horn of Daniel 7 (depicted on the stone monument) is the antichrist of Bible prophecy. What’s more, if you look closely at the monument, you will know EXACTLY who they thought/think it is. Thanks for the picture. let me know if you would like to know more. Take care

  2. Hi Beth
    If you are interested to know why these figures were made as they are, and what they symbolize then watch this video:


    Once it was a VERY important part of history to know what these figures symbolized, but is has been wiped out of history. Read the seventh chapter of the Book of Daniel in the old testament. There you will find the description of the picture you have taken. But dont forget to watch the video! There you will have everything explained! God bless you in search for truth for our time 🙂

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