Views and Sights in the Lakes

Okay so I’m finally giving in and showing some of the landscape shots that I took while we were away.  I’ve tried to include some more traditional wide mountain shots as well as some which I will simply call “rural sights”.

The first two photos were taken on the first walk of the week from our cottage to Grasmoor.  The dappled lighting through the clouds add to the interest of this shot across the Newlands Valley.

And I like the composition of this shot with your eye being drawn through the picture by the wiggly path.

I also had to include one of the Foxgloves.  They were everywhere, looking so bold and confident along the hillsides.

I know I’ve already done a whole post on animals, but I love this shot of a sheep with the rugged slopes in the background.

And finally, some rural architecture.  I liked the bold reds and oranges of the tractor and piping against the neutral greens and browns of the barn and grass.

And this was one of the last shots I took of the week.  Again it is the interest of the contrasting colours that caught my eye.

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