Patterns in Nature

The second selection of photos that I’d like to share from my holiday in the Lakes are a little more abstract I suppose.  I enjoy spotting interesting patterns, textures and colour combinations.  Nature is full of them.

I love the knobbly, scratchy tree bark

And from macro rock plant …

…to distant tree tops.

The man-made patterns are pretty cool at times too.


  1. Ooo interesting post! I love it! I’m forever taking photos of the sand on beaches….finally someone who is as obsessed as me! Really enjoying your blog Beth x

    • Hey Alexa,
      Thanks for the comments – glad to hear people are enjoying reading my blog. I love reading yours too – both the photography and the drawing stuff. Your camera illustrations were very good. I was also mightily impressed that you let you class loose with your Pro Markers!!

      Beth x

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