Land Yachting

Its good to try something new and this weekend we did just that – mom and dad were up visiting and organised for use to go land yachting.  Now I’ve spend many a fun afternoon on West Sands in St Andrews, but this was something completely different.  Jamie and Guy run their own company called Blown Away and were our instructors for the morning.   We watched (semi-apprehensively) as they set up the yachts and then it was over to us to drag them down on to the sand.  Some windsurfing and sailing experience when we were younger meant that we had a rough idea of what we needed to do and I was looking forward to getting into the seat and giving it a go.  Unfortunately the wind let us down and we spent the first half of the session pushing ourselves along! Luckily after a coffee and shortbread break, the wind had picked up a little allowing us to experience (temporarily) the fun of land yachting.  I’ll definitely be giving it another go!

I didn’t take many photos – too involved in trying to work out how mom was doing so much better than the rest of us – but here are a couple that I took before the session started.

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