Unusual Aspects of our Local Environment

There is a scrap yard not too far from our flat.  Most of the yard is hidden from view by a stone wall except for the peaks of the mountains of scrap metal.  It is certainly not the ‘prettiest’ aspect of our local environment but I was intrigued by the colours and structures.  I wanted to know what else was happening down in the yard; what was being hidden from view.  I also thought that there must be some interesting photo opportunities behind the wall.  Yesterday, camera in hand, I went to find out.

As expected, the views were very curious and unconventional.  I like the confusion and lack of pattern in the photos.  The more you look, the more recognisable items you begin to spot.  I like the colours in both of the mountains.

(These photos are of the William Waugh Scrap Yard.  Before writing this blog post I had a quick look on their website – partly to see whether they would be recycling all of this scrap.  The long Edinburgh history of this Scrap Metal Company is quite interesting and worth a read if you have 5 minutes.)

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