Our lunch stop at Dyrholeay

Dyrholeay is located on the south coast of Iceland. It’s a 120 metre high headland. Many of Iceland’s puffins nest on it’s cliffs. We visited on our first full day in Iceland; actually we had our lunch up there. I was mightily glad that Magnus, our coach driver, was such a good driver because the ‘road’ to get to the top was rather bumpy and twisty! We certainly required the 4 wheel driver capabilities of our coach. The nail-biting journey was, however, most definitely worth it for the views from the top. Here is one of the lighthouse which sits atop the cliff, another of the little cottage near the lighthouse, and some of the views across the black sand beaches. All in all, a rather memorable lunch!

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  1. I have recently returned from a trip to Iceland and we had a coach driver called magnus, would love to know if it was the same one….he was so legendary!

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